Using KDP to Notifiy Customers of New Version … not quite as easy as you’d think

So as part of my initial launch for Swift Magic, I’ve also done another brush-up on its predecessor Feral Magic. Feral Magic has seen a few revisions in the past, but the biggest number of sales came from it’s first-ever incarnation. Which is rather bad, because by now it’s far better than it used to be on account that I’ve learned how to write better. So my thought was, ‘Hey, I’ve seen occasionally in Kindle where you can download a new version. Why isn’t my book automatically doing that?’

Why didn’t I stop to think of this before? I know, I know. Sometimes I’m so brilliant.

Anyway, I googled the question and came up with this answer. Which sort of helped me. I basically e-mailed KDP and asked how much detail I needed to go into, pleading typo fixes.

KDP e-mailed me back (they were nice, polite, and the tone didn’t sound annoyed at my ignorance) and said that while they didn’t need a full list of typo’s, they needed at least a few to verify and to proceed with informing customers.

Fair enough, but still not as easy on my part as checking a box. No wonder more people don’t bother to do it.

Now I’m waiting to hear back from KDP again (I just sent my reply minutes ago) and hopefully, they’ll have found my response entertaining. There were some seriously ridiculous typo’s. It’s amazing how they can slip by. It’s also amazing how very many there were in the first draft, because I wasn’t good at paying attention to how accurate I was at the actual process of typing.

Just thought I’d share my experience.

Till later,



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