About Me

My favorite books are Pride and Pred, A Matter of Magic, and Green Rider, but I read very widely. Currently I am reading my way through Project Gutenberg, as well as reading whatever books people happen to loan me or snag me in the library.

The only way I can get stories out of my head is to write them. Or pester those who are patient enough to listen to me talk about them for hours. So the first is really more preferable for everyone involved.

It took me ages to realize that I write thriller fantasy novels. There was always an element of mystery within my fantasy stories, and they never exactly fit into the ”adventure” category just right. One day I read No Way Out by Andrew Gross, and I realized that I’d been struggling because I wrote (but before this point did not read) thrillers. I’d been confused because they were put in a fantasy setting and with fantasy characters.

I currently live in Yorkshire, UK. But I was raised on a fish farm in Idaho and drifted around Utah and Nevada, as well. Leicester is the largest city I’ve ever lived in. I’ve finally figured out how to write fast.

Oh, I draw. Occasionally, I draw well.

Join me in reading, writing, and illustrating a few of the things that go on in my brain.

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