Black Locust Letters on Amazon, Smashwords

Last year around November I decided to write a fanciful tale, something to be just light and fun. Nothing too serious. I wanted a deviation from my standard heroine, so out of the woodworks came Betty Cratchet. Out of some divine inspiration, I set this in the 1950’s America. Out of necessity it was on a military base. When talking with my beta readers, I was surprised that some of them believed Area 51 (which is mentioned) was a myth. It’s a real place. Obviously I haven’t been allowed onto the premises, but I’ve been to Roswell and I know several towns were evacuated due to radioactive drift from the bomb testing. It just surprised me that people think this is fiction.

Here is what Black Locust Letters is all about:

A morning show host must unearth the truth behind the murder of a special forces operative and relay coded messages to the troops before the nukes fly on a very secret military base.

Betty Cratchet sat upon her favorite willow bench in Sunny Glenn market to watch the gremlins scurry up the tower with their wrenches to change the hands for tea time. Betty had boring blue eyes and somewhat dark hair and her father’s military jaw. She was not whiskey in a teacup, nor was she bubbly sweet soda, she was more akin to a cup of hot milk or perhaps spiced eggnog on the days she really had her wits about her. In short, she was best had alone, right before bed, in place of any dessert. Long had she accepted her solitary station in life, but that made it no easier to swallow, and it could not make her home any warmer. Nor would the murder she is about to witness.

So I’ve published Black Locust Letters onto Amazon. It’s at present available for $0.99, but if you’re up to checking out Smashwords it’s available for a Name Your Price option. Once I get some details sorted with Smashwords, I’ll have an expanded distribution at that price.
If you’re not into my usual fare, give this one a shot. I wrote it for kicks and giggles.
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