Short Story Successes!

So back in October, I submitted a short story, “Flipside,” to a small literary magazine. They’re seeking out upcoming authors by publishing stores 5,000 words or less. It’s now sent out to magazine subscribers, but since The Fabler Magazine is brand-new it doesn’t have an online presence yet. Anyway, December 2016 is the issue for it, and it’s illustrated. If you’d like to see about getting a copy, email Martin Williams at thefabler (at) hotmail com . Or, hey authors–> if you’re looking to submit to a literary magazine that takes pretty much everything except erotica, email Martin. Keep it reasonable and keep it clean, without a lot of swearing and no explicit s-e-x.

I got permission to send “Flipside” to another magazine, Pink Narcissus Press, for reprint, so I did. One day after the deadline for their anthology, Pink Narc said they’d love to have it in their Brave Boy World anthology! So the Pink Narc anthology is coming out “early 2017.”

I’m so excited that the editor-in-chief thought my story was a fun read. Anyway, “Flipside” is a sci-fi noir about Dorianne Freelancer who picks up a passenger at a space station who is clearly hiding from someone, but who? And why? And what about that no-good dirty-rotten bio-hacking space pirate she can’t get over?

I’m running these under my real name. I guess I’ve reached the point where I’m comfortable with that now? The line between pen name and real identity have been blurred a lot over the years, in any case, but it is very nice to corral all the social media writerly-stuff under my pen name account. There was a time it was mainstream to have a different pen name for each genre, but I think that the lines are blurring now, and I’m far more confident than I was five years ago.


I just wanted to do a quick shout-out.

Best of love this season.

I’ll TTYL,


Your Dearest Nicolette


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