Wind Magic is out in all platforms

I braved the world and went in search of the links today. It was a little bit of  a surprise to find my B&N Feral Magic link not working–and that the reviews on it had gone! There were at least a couple when I last noticed, but the only thing I can think is that when I updated the cover and refreshed some backmatter, that gave a new ISBN number and therefore wiped clean the reviews. I’m a little annoyed, as this doesn’t happen with Amazon or other sites.

But, in better news–everything seems to be plugging along fine for Book 4. 🙂 Here I’ve hunted down the links.



WindMagic2 copy

When bogey-buster Feraline Swift fell into a client’s trap, she uncovered a terrible secret, died, and was brought back with magic that wouldn’t do as it was told. Now defending herself and her reputation from Commandant Cole’s inquisition, she must prove that she’s sane—and that black magic exists in the highest places.

The rescue of a man from Commandant Cole’s dungeon tosses Fera into the middle of Death’s business, like it or not. Driven by insatiable curiousity, Fera decides to help him by finding an ancient rite which has long been intentionally forgotten. If she doesn’t, those who die will be doomed to wander the living real forever.

Fera’s only hope to help lies in piecing together Unwritten magic, however she finds herself exiled from the sorcerer’s community. She turns to the dragon-shifting Kragdomen Colony, but her fiance’s elder brother has come to take his place.If she fails to calm Kragdomen’s turmoil, and uncover the Unwritten rite, she’ll have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from Commandant Cole’s power.


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