Of Shiney Covers, New Publications and Blacksmithing

I’m writing this in between fliming blacksmithing projects. That’s the part time job my husband has started to do — making historically inspired brooches and torcs, sometimes axes and knives. At this moment he has two rectangular pieces that have an indeterminate form, so I don’t know what they are other than that they’re fairly big. I fell into filming tiny films for him because I have a newly-created habit of making pretty photos and I thought I’d give videographing a go.

So, what else is up?

Flipside has been published in “Brave Boy World” anthology by Pink Narcissus Press. The editor, Michael Takeda, is a fabulous person to work with and he’s put together a spellbinding collection of shorts. I’m humbled to be part of that group.

Covers for The Swift Codex are being refined and re-uploaded as progress towards printed version. Black Locust Letters ended up with one, too.

I’m branching out, too, into traditional publishing. One novel is making the rounds, another is finished pending revisions, a third is drafted. That’s what has kept me so silent, trying to complete these projects.

Personally, as far as life goes, we are bracing for post-UK life since our student visas are up next year and we’re not too confident that we can find jobs to meet Tier 2 immigration requirements. If we can, that’s fantastic. If we can’t, we’re looking into other opportunities. It’s easy to look back on life, but it’s impossible to look into the future. We’re hopeful no matter what happens, because there’s no point in being anything else.

We’re set to go to the Netherlands later this month, so I’m looking forward to kicking around on the continent to see what’s up. I’ll have to upload a few of the photos I take!

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for. Got to pop out to the forge to see what’s cooking there.



Your dearest Nicolette




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