Possible cover art sketch

Entrance to the antiques shop, a stone archway with round-top door
It's still in the preliminary pencil sketch phase, but it works for getting down values, basic ideas, ect.

Merlyn’s Market Vendor List

The market is a massive sprawl of floating decks and mobile vendors selling from flying carpets. It is pretty well laze faire, letting any vendor set up at an open place along the walkways. There are a short set of laws, but the cardinal of these laws is: Don’t go to the Judges unless you really, really need to. Slightly lesser of these is: Don’t attract the Constable’s attention.

The market’s vendor list is constantly changing, but this is the most recently known list:

Eyeball Merchant

Newt, human, dog, sturgeon—you name it, we got it. Deck 11.



Cave, faerie rings, dead tree, all shapes, & colors. Deck 13.


Alchemist and Witches Potions Bases

Aether, alcohol, turpentine, oils, ect. Random decks.


Bread and Butter

For all your quick-energy needs, visit us on Deck 5.


Rice and Lentils

When you don’t want bread, come see us! Mobile Vendor.


Warding Stones

Perfect for losing paramours, hiding from trolls, and general adventuring.


Rune Merchant

Runes by request, carved into any stone you bring me. Or, choose from my quartz selection.


Enchanted Scrolls and Paper, Parchment, Vellum

Enchant it yourself or buy a scroll from me. Mobile.


Staffs, Rods, Wands, Rings

A necessity for any Caster. Door 360.


Raw Ingredients

Miscellaneous. Deck 14.



Lots and lots for you salads! Or your love. Or the graveyard. Or your love in the graveyard. Deck 14.


Bone Dealer

All kinds and sorts. No sacrifices. Next to Eyeballs.


Fabric Dealer

Fine robes and hoods. Across from Scrolls, Paper, Parchment, Vellum.


Enchanted Jeweler

Gnomish Design, better than the Dwarves’. Across from the Dwarves on 13.


Golden Knives-Forks-Spoons

For when silverware won’t cut it. Carpet vendor, mobile.


Candle Wickery

For those long nights of spellmaking. Door 833.


Tin, Bronze, and Copper Merchant

Raw minerals. Can make into any form. Reinforce your laboratory!


Cauldron, Pot, and Kettle Dealer

Git your brewing shtuff here. Deck 9. Or 11. Whichever I want to walk to.


Glass Blower

For all your potion carrying and storing needs.



Get your Old Man Shoes here!


Enchanted Musical Instruments for the Musically Inept

You will wonder how we ever did without.


Livestock and Other Animal Dealer

Whether for spells, potions, pets, or dinner, we offer fair prices.


Umbrella Merchant

No witch nor wizard is complete without an umbrella. What if you make it rain cats and dogs?


Get Your Bollucks

The genuine snack vendor for adventurous humans and the rest of us.


Chocolate Bugs

Ants are our specialty. Try our new Safari Queen Ants today! Multiple Vendors.


Heads-Only Dinner Buffet

Just like it sounds, located next to Mermaid’s Tale, for all carnivores.


Miss Juniper’s Chocolates

Delights for the strange and the genteel alike. Purchaseable at any black and gold carpet.

King’s Ransom Characters

Feralyne Hope Swift

The world is a big place with plenty of darkness in it, but Feralyne goes into that darkness to drive out fear and replace it with confidence.  She has faced her fair share of vulnerability and loss, but she is determined to go out of her way to help others in discouraging times. Feralyne is clever and quick, but her true strength is her willingness to do what she believes is right and her refusal to let misfortune stand in her way.


Mordon is a drake, a creature with both a human form and a dragon form. Universally mistrusted by both species, being a drake is a lonely life, but he has made the most of his fortunes and has opened a magical antiquities shop called King’s Ransom. He is the protector of the judges and constable of Merlyn’s Market, and quickly accepts Feralyne as his to support and educate. He will have to help her adjust to her new life and be there for her rollercoaster of unfolding events.

Leif and Lilly

They are the Judge and Jury of Merlyn’s Market, the people vendors and customers alike go to to settle their disputes. Leif promises if the two parties can’t solve a problem themselves, no one will like the crude fairness he and his sister will exact. Lilly discovers wrongs when the victims are too intimidated to speak up, and is known as the more favored judge.

Constable Barnes

Everyone knows you do not want to cause trouble just before mealtimes, as this bulldog of a man grows extraordinarily grouchy once his stomach starts to talk. He takes no talking back from anyone and has been known to soften his words involuntarily when presented a special confection from Miss Juniper’s Chocolates.

Willow “Railey” Fitzgerald

Railey was Feralyne’s needy friend and died tragically while still a child. When Feralyne was wrongly blamed for Railey’s death, Railey took it on herself to be Feralyne’s strength and company when it was most needed.


A gryphon and enchanted scrolls vendor, this poor creature seems constantly sad and fights rumors about cursing a witch to lose all her magic. He denies it too vehemently.


A young wizard who has been having troubles with all his spells backfiring lately, an ailment that sometimes strikes at the least convenient stage of growth and development. He soon looks to Feralyne for advice and support.


Another young wizard with troubles, but for him it’s his choice of snobs who grew up believing the rules never applied to those with enough wealth and power. Feralyne takes no pity on the innocent David when she turns over all the boys for shoplifting.

Milestone: Page 50

Alright! I don’t know why exactly, but my second milestone to celebrate is page number 50. The first is 20, which I fondly recall as the page count for my first written story about a horse’s adventures. I was seven or eight at the time, whichever a second-grader is.


Back to King’s Ransom. A great deal has happened so far and I can tell you, dear reader, little about it. I suppose I can say we have met at least one of each of the following:

  • Ghosts
  • The love interest (ooolala)
  • Bogarts
  • Drakes
  • The Umbrella Merchant
  • Vampires
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Cute little fan boys
And all in the first 50 pages!
Hmm. It has just occurred to me that I have not even properly introduced the book yet. I will rectify this with the next entry. Be bold, be brave, for in another two weeks, no one will even bother to check the archives for this miscalculation.

Nicolette Jinks Blog under construction

I have opened up this blog to record my adventure of writing, illustrating, and self-publishing my fantasy novel(s). For now, I am working on King’s Ransom Magical Antiquities. Naturally, I want to make a custom header for this blog, ect, but that might have to wait until I get my Wacom tablet from the other house.

This blog will be the main source to get connected to me and my creative journeys. I will have sample chapters, exclusive production sketches, and posts about the world and the characters. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long to get this thing up and going, and that I will have something new to show you guys soon!