Blissed Season 1 Illustrated Compilation

In a chaotic blur of anniversary, day trips, and drawings, a compilation has emerged! Instead of just putting all 10 episodes together into one book, I also included various illustrations. Think of it as bonus material and a thank-you for downloading. 🙂

Here are a few:



I work in pen and ink, using Japanese calligraphy ink to do washes. The ring was drawn from an Antiquities book and dates back to AD550, it’s real and it has magic runes etched inside the band. The swirly mohawk-dude is my bottle imp who runs a sweets shoppe. And last is meant to be a juxtaposition of a half-remembered scene coinciding with reality. 


When Brandy Silver stumbles into a Bliss den, she becomes entangled in magic, love, and a criminal investigation that delves into her own and others’ past-lives. Part romance, fantasy, horror, and mystery, Blissed is full of twists and surprises.

This illustrated compilation consists of all ten of the episodes from Blissed Season 1. Drawings are pen and ink done by the author, sometimes with felt pens, sometimes with calligraphy nibs, others with ink washes. Included is a list of spells and how Brandy sees them, but the author’s personal favorite is the bottle imp whose Mohawk is based on a feather.

Blissed all starts with Knock:

When Brandy Silver picks up her friend from a party, she doesn’t expect to be forcibly drugged—or pursued by a demonic wraith. Now she’s witness to a Bliss den that the police pointedly ignore and, worse, the drug can be deadly. Where can she go, and who will believe her before her time runs out?

In this compilation:
Episode 1 Knock
Episode 2 Bliss Den
Episode 3 Lady Luck
Episode 4 Bone Mine
Episode 5 Blood Oath
Episode 6 Slave Trade
Episode 7 Silent Sentinels
Episode 8 Cold Forged Iron
Episode 9 Hex-Breaker
Episode 10 Wild Hunt


It is all up for grabs on AmazonSmashwordsB&N, and iBooks…and probably more than just that, but that is what I have the links for at this time.

I’ll TTYL, more exciting things happening soon.




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