Out Goes the First Newsletter of 2016!

Those of you who are signed up are getting the -letter part of the newsletter. 😀 You’re awesome. If you’d still like to sign up, just…Sign up now.

For everyone else, here’s the news.

Swift Codex Book 3 Lost Magic

In the Swift Codex, Book 3 Lost Magic is now available, and I’ve tracked down as many of the links as possible for you guys. Read an Excerpt here…

Available here:

Amazon Barnes & Noble  Smashwords iTunes  Kobo

Blissed Series: Episode 8 Cold Forged Iron

In the Blissed Series, Episode 8 Cold Forged Iron has recently been approved for Expanded Distribution, so here is where I’ve found it so far. Don’t worry if it hasn’t shown up somewhere just yet, it takes a couple weeks sometimes. Just nab the entire short story series for free. That’s what it’s there for.

Available here:

Barnes & Noble  Smashwords iTunes  Kobo

New Cover for Black Locust Letters

In other news, I’ve also updated the cover for Black Locust Letters, because my illustrating skills have increased to the point where I’m embarrassed about the old cover.

Scribd    Barnes & Noble   Smashwords   Amazon  Kobo  iTunes

Punk Rock Chicken

Lastly, I leave you now with a photo of my neighbor’s punk rock chicken because I’ve started a 52 Week Photography Challenge and this was my Week 3: Artistic Expression “Red” entry. The neighbors have a hobby going on selling exotic-breed chicken eggs, but it’s really an excuse to have chickens in their back garden. They love their chickens the way other people love dogs. I’ve never seen a more expensive chicken run and coop, I swear. This rooster is sporting a spikey hairdo because he enjoys being out in the rain.

This week’s challenge is Landscape, Black and White. I ought to get that one done soon.
Here’s the Facebook Challenge, still taking in new people if you’re interested.

That’s about all.

…and, oh, it’s snowing now. Not sticking to the ground, though. Perfect weather to have a pint in the pub. Looking forward to seeing more of you fine folk here in 2016!



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