Chaos and plans and Episode 7 Silent Sentinels

The days before Christmas are always so nuts, aren’t they? I’d feel alone in yanking out my hair, except everyone else around me seems to be doing the exact same.

Real quick, last week I put up another Blissed Episode. Number 7. This one I had a real hard time trying to name. Everything that I tried to tack onto it was a failure. It defied all standard naming conventions. It wasn’t until I was making the final adjustments to it that I stumbled across the phrase “Silent Sentinels”, and my sentiments at the time were, ‘Heck, it might not be perfect, it might be wonderful, it might even be terrible. But it’s definitely better than everything else, so voila.’

Episode7SilentSentinels (It’s on Smashwords)

This one was both a joy and a pain to write. One annoyance is that it’s quite a bit over the standard wordcount of 10,000. It ended up being 13,000 and it bugged me, but I felt I’d be cheating it if I didn’t give it the extra room to breathe.

You know, particularly as two characters die and a main character is to follow on that path.

Heavy episode, fun episode.  Makes me kind of sad to do Episode 8, because I know what’s going to happen at the end, and I sort of don’t want to go there. This is probably part of the reason why I’m struggling to finish Episode 8. There will be answers, at least a few, in 8 and a bit of majestic tragedy. At least that’s how I see it in my head. Readers may not agree.

In good news, I should have Book 3 of the Swift Codex out for Christmas. I know this is rather short notice, but I’ve been sort of weird ever since my depression. I basically don’t believe it till I see it, which is why my books just randomly show up on any given day.

There are other plans, too, which take away time. When I was sketching out a publishing schedule for the next quarter or two, I realized that one of my finished works I didn’t really have room for in my grand scheme. At least, not until sometime after June of next year. So I’m going to try to find a traditional publisher for it, or failing that, an agent. Should nothing come of the venture, then it’s really no time lost on my part. All I want is to diversify so I’m not dependant upon any one thing for income/reputation/so forth.

So that’s all for today.

I’ll be checking in later with update stats on stuff.

Your dearest Nicolette




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