Swift Magic Uploaded, soon to go live everywhere

swiftmagicThe long-in-coming Book number 2 of Swift Codex is (finally) here! Don’t worry, number 3 is not going to be so long in production. Its deadline is the end of next month and I’m writing the final few chapters in between maintaining uploads.

These last couple of months have been making me scramble around, in a good way. I’ve had two or three Blissed episodes every month for two months now and I’m getting in general more confident in playing with key words and summaries.

This also means that I now need to update the back of Feral Magic to add the following backmatter:

Thank you for giving Feral Magic a read. I hope you enjoyed the story!

For a limited time, I’m giving away a review copy of Swift Magic, the second book in the Swift Codex series, to anyone who posts a review of this book on Amazon or Goodreads. Just email me the link to your review and let me know if you would prefer a Kindle or ePub file: nicolette.jinks@gmail.com . If you just can’t wait to get started reading Swift Magic, you can grab a copy right now at Smashwords and soon, everywhere else, too.

Want early access to future fantasy novels, giveaways, ect? Then sign up for my newsletter at nicolettejinks.wordpress.com . Thank you!!

Yep, yep. That’s me being a tad bit annoying. The obligatory filler material, you know.

And good grief, I’m freezing my fingers off in this house! It’s October, sure, but I haven’t turned on the heater and wow my hands are cold and clumsy. Really makes doing computer-stuff a chore.

My day isn’t over yet, either. I have Episode 3 to publish on SoundCloud this weekend, too. Busy days, busy days. But good days.

Hang out in a few more minutes and I’ll have a couple of excerpts added!

Your dearest Nicolette


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