Swift Magic Cover Art

Drum roll please… Swift Magic cover art is now shown. SwiftMagic copy

I will likely make a few final tweaks between now and release, but as a whole, this is it.

I’ve used the same eyes as in Feral Magic cover, but have played with the text-image interaction more. It’s based on a pencil sketch I did, though that one has a terrible face and perhaps a little bit better hair. Revisions from here will probably be to smooth out skin texture a little more. Drawing/painting humans is still a new thing to me. I may also make the S bigger.

As far as the text goes, I’ve got a couple of things to round it off. Nothing too major, thank goodness, a re-working of chapters 2, 3 ,4 to be the most substantial.

Excited to have this out to beta readers this week!

Till later

Your dearest Nicolette


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