I saw / sort of met Joanne Harris at Beverley Literature Festival, and announcing Lady Luck and over 500 downloads

I hadn’t noticed before that my release of Lady Luck (Blissed #3) would coincide with the Bev Lit Fest. Let’s try not to remember that Joanne Harris’ topic was on Loki, Norse trixster god. Hmm.

BlissedLadyLuckSo Joanne Harris is best known for writing Chocolat which later became a movie with Johnny Depp. But she’s also written something like fifteen other books, so don’t forget those. I went to an interview with her about why she chose Loki, and came away with some interesting points she made during her answers. I didn’t ask her anything myself, as I am sort of shy at random times. But she did autograph the birthday sketchbook my husband gave me. 🙂 This is BevLitFest’s brochure. For however long the link lasts, it lasts.

I also went to a workshop about adapting books to theatre today, and I’ve got mountains of notes from that, but I’m not going to share them yet as it’s all half-scribbled nonsense.
In publishing news, Lady Luck has made an appearance on  Barnes & Noble   Smashwords  Amazon  and Kobo. Scribd is always a little slow on putting new titles up in comparison with the rest, and I have yet to try to find anything on iBooks.

Further publishing news, I have now reached over 500 downloads. All but 4 of the total numbers came in within the last 30 days. Each dramatic peak comes about as a result of a new release.

30 days of downloads
30 days of downloads

I’m pretty pleased with how things have started to shape up. Now, this chart is from my Smashwords account, and I don’t use them to distribute to Amazon. Though I do wonder what would happen if I decided to use their Amazon channel…

Anyway, so above is for the last month. Below is for the last 90 days.

90 days downloads
90 days downloads

This chart is taken when Lady Luck hasn’t yet said “hi, world”, so it doesn’t appear on the charts. I’m showing this as a sort of complete disclosure thing. Before last month, I was pretty much a no one on Smashwords and everywhere else. Fascinatingly to me, it’s the first book I ever did which is shining the most. However, it’s not as lop-sided of a pie chart as I would have expected. It’s about half downloads going to Feral Magic, and the rest is pretty equally split between the remaining titles.

This of course means I need to get Swift Magic proof read and out ASAP. But that’s OK. I’m working on cover art today, I started it last night and I’m getting excited–but I’m having a hard time this go-round with doing hair. Specifically, with not making it too dark. I should be able to have art to show the world soon, but not yet.

Well, I think that’s about all for this post.

Till next time,

Your Dearest Nicolette


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