The Bliss Hour Podcast — The first podcast I’ve done ever

I have uploaded my first-ever podcast featuring the Blissed series stories. And now I’m a little terrified of putting myself out there. Before, people could only critique my writing. Now they can hear my odd-mutt-of-placed accent and evident shyness. Gah, what have I done and why do I do this to myself?


No but really I’m excited about doing it. I’ve had the aspirations to become a better voice talent and I would like to do this to more of my works. A professional actor would doubtless do a better job, all said and done, but I’m having fun and learning how to edit audio. And I don’t know, I always found it charming to hear an author say their work as it was written in their head. I fawn over recordings of Tolkein and Gaimon.

My husband and I have the idea, as well, to compile some of my Blissed artwork and use the podcast as a basis for a YouTube channel. That will take some more time to actually get done, as I’ll have to learn a new program (I’m not even sure which video editing program to use) and go through the motions of understanding how to use YouTube as anything except a medium through which to watch adorable cats tormenting their owners, their dogs, and each other.

If you listen, you’ll  notice I say the podcast date was “for” yesterday. I just didn’t get it finalized until this morning. The first one is a huuuuuge learning curve and I had to set a date.

I’m not even 100% sure how to embed the audio in this post, but I’m giving it a go!

Basically, if you like it, feel free to download and share and spread it around. Just don’t alter it.

This is seriously unnerving stuff, guys. I can’t believe (well, ok, I can) that I’m committed to doing this every-other-week. (The idea being that a Blissed episode comes out one week, the podcast the next. The podcast takes way, way, way less time to produce than the original episode. A few hours versus a few days plus agonizing rewrites.)

With this out of the way, now I’m planning other items to do this week:

  • Monday – Celebrate my birthday by frantically working to make up for time lost in my writer’s circle
  • Monday – An opening scene for Swift Magic (currently it opens on the second scene, not the first; you’ll find I pick the opening scene dead last)
  • Monday -A chapter-by-chapter outline preparing for Ribbons of Silk and Seaweed, the sequel I’m planning for Black Locust Letters
  • Monday – spare time to spend on Chapters 27-29 of Old Magic (Number 3 of Swift Codex)
  • Tuesday – An outline and 3k words for Blissed Episode 6
  • Tuesday – Spare time on Chapters 27-29 of Old Magic
  • Wednesday – Marathon writing conclusion of Old Magic to finish the first draft
  • Wednesday – evening: a final read of Blissed Episode 3 Lady Luck
  • Thursday – Artwork for Swift Magic
  • Thursday – marathon writing for Blissed Episode 6
  • Friday –  upload files for Blissed Episode 3 Lady Luck for the release on Saturday
  • Friday – Tend to story summary for Swift Magic, tags to use, and all that
  • Friday – Write whatever did not get finished earlier in the week, prepare Blissed Episode 2 Bliss Den for pocast to come out October 10
  • Saturday – Panic over the release of Lady Luck and panic more over the sudden popularity of Feral Magic and the implied reader expectations that Swift Magic pop out of my skull the way I’m starting to get elbowed about “grandbabies”.
  • Sunday – run through the streets shouting ‘I’m not a nameless nobody after all’. It’s alright, I’m part of the neighborhood watch. The police won’t get  me.

That’s all.

Till later,

Your Dearest Nicolette


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