Feral Magic up for free on Smashwords, ect.

This morning I put my first ever book on Smashwords. If all goes well, it will be up on other sites presently, too.

Feral Magic Cover

So far it’s being well received, which surprises me a little since it’s only been up for two hours. It would appear that I am building a readership on Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble is starting to close the gap in the number of downloads.

I have the next book, Swift Magic, in shape for beta reading now. Usually the second draft takes me a long time to be satisfied with, but this time around I had a better first draft, which makes for a better second draft.

The grand plan looks like this:

Blissed keeps on its usual every-other-week schedule (which means a release October 3rd, 17th, and 31st).

Additionally, Swift Magic will come out next month on a weekend which does not already have a Blissed episode, so that means either October 10th or October 24th. The exact date will depend on cover art progression and final edits.

Swift Magic will be released as a Let Reader Choose Price basis. I learned from previous experience with Bliss Den that this means it is available at whatever price from Smashwords (including free) but everywhere else gets charged a default $4.95 unless I say otherwise. As I plan on leaving Feral Magic (the first book in the series) for free, and having the second one available likewise with a little digging, I think this is fair.

Today I am finishing up edits on The Bliss Hour podcast, as well. It is the first time I’ve tried to record my own voice and turn it into something, so I’m both excited and nervous about it. If it does well, I will start doing audio recordings of my other projects, too.

That is the update on my end.

Till next time,

Your dearest Nicolette


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