Rounding Up Links Also Cover Art

Blissed Episode 2 Bliss Den is out!

The thing about using a distributor is that you have to find all the places the book goes! And some places take longer to put a book up than others, which makes it a little more hectic. Right now I’m using the Smashwords FAQ to locate the store URLS, and from there I’m putting the links on my Books! page.

So far I have things for: Scribd   Barnes & Noble    Smashwords    Amazon    Kobo

But not for iBooks, Oyster, and a lot of others. I am working on that.

Meanwhile, I did some Photoshop magic. I’ve had a recent artistic breakthrough, and I’m pretty giddy about it.


I may tweak it a little in the future, but all in all I’m happy with it. It was an ink drawing I did, the colors came out of various layer interactions and probably reflect the light of the camera on my phone rather than anything else.

So glad my artistic side is finally catching up with the rest of me!

I’ll keep you guys updated as stuff progresses.



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