Announcement: The Shepherd’s Daughter and Bloodstone are for sale

I should have done this earlier, but life is life and internet is terrible.
Currently, both titles are available for sale on Amazon (click on image for a link), and one day I do have plans to do a wider distribution, but for now I have alternate formats available on the “My Books” page, for everyone who doesn’t have a kindle.

I am still in the process of getting a newsletter set up (see the terrible internet comment above).

If you’d like to check them out, just take a look below!


How do you find the prince to end the curse? This is the quest that sets a common girl, Belle, on a treacherous path lined with assassins, royals, and a queen determined to continue her extravagant life. In exchange for food and shelter, Belle and her mother slave away beneath the very family Belle is determined to dethrone. It’s a waiting game, and the wait is finally coming to an end with the arrival of diplomat’s ships. The queen orders Belle to become her own silent killer, but Belle soon sees that something isn’t right. She thought these strangers came to show off their victory, but Belle’s ally and friend, Prince Cornelius, has hidden clues with the newcomers that Belle must follow if she has any hope of finding the kingdom’s true heir, and ending a curse which will ruin the world. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bloodstone is a new tale with classic fairy tale elements: A cursed kingdom, a magic ring, an evil queen and her sadistic son, a wicked step-mother, a beautiful princess and her prince, secret tunnels and passageways, tricks and deceit, fate and resurrection, and true love. Author note: This fantasy romance/mystery contains adult situations.
Before there were knights in armor and sorcerers fell into hiding, the villagers sent maidens to placate the beasts of the world, and these maidens were guarded with vigilance. With too many sisters and no talent in the trades, Melody is faced with a cold life as a spinster, a burden upon her family—until the day the lord’s man comes to her father’s hovel to take a virgin sacrifice. Melody fights for the chance to be one of Lord Richmond’s sacrifices, even as she doesn’t know what dangers she will encounter or why the dragons want virgins. With only a mule for company, Melody travels from the wilds of dragonhaunts, across lonely merchant roads, to halls of stone and delicacies fit for a king, only to find that the liberation she seeks might take her against all she’s ever known.

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