It’s NaNoWriMo already?

With all my effort spent dreading a candy-less Halloween, I forgot that it was also NaNo Eve. Which meant for a bit of creative impromptu on my behalf this morning. Check out my novel.

I’ve been planning on writing Swift Magic for quite some time, and I finally got one-half of the synopsis written a day or so ago. My writing approaches have varied in the past, from completely pantsing it to stiff approaches to trying to plan. I’ve written on this in the past in some detail.

This time, I decided that my project was going all of no where. Hardboiled NaNoers will say that a brand new novel must be started and finished in 30 days, and I appreciate that. However, at this time I am focusing on finishing the projects I have already started, and since I haven’t written much on Swift Magic, I’m going to go with it. New document, completely blank, so I’m not importing any old material, just writing new content for an older project which will be worked into the older stuff upon revision.

One of my NaNoWriMo challenges was that I once more have to find a new group. Last year I was part of the NaNoWriMo Leicester group. Before that I was part of Idaho::Elsewhere, and before that I was part of Nevada::Elko Surrounding Area or something like that. This time looks like I must be part of England::Yorkshire. Really, there isn’t a group for Hull? I’m surprised. And wondering about being a ML and starting a Hull group next year.

So, back to this year’s planning: I have half the novel’s synopsis figured out. I’ve lately started to work with synopses (is that the proper plural of synopsis? Such a strange word.) and it’s helped me avoid a ton of re-writes. Rarely do my scenes play out the way they’re described, but they are much better. It also helps me to see things big picture and make the emotional swings go right. This was essentially what got me through the Heavy Edit draft of Bloodstone, but I never wrote on that. I’ll have to share that later.

This year, my chief trouble is going to be with fighting with the internet. We moved, and our service decided to mock our new location choice. I’ve been struggling to load FaceBook. Tough life, man, tough life. But it really does suck when I’m trying to, say, upload a file to CreateSpace or KDP so I can get things updated and for sale. Need to track down my Kobo account now, too.

Anyone else joining me in the NaNo adventures? What book are you writing? Giving it a pass this time round?


Your Dearest Nicolette.



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