I joined a writing group :-)

You have no idea how awesome it is to be living in a place where there are other writers. Well, maybe you do, but if you do then you really know how cool it is to have gone without, then suddenly had a community at your fingertips.

So I actually started to attend their meetings back in April (or was it March?) but I’m just officially a member now in May. I had to submit my samples and that made me nervous. Personally, I think no one is more critical of writing than other writers because we all have opinions of what is “good”. And keep it less than 2,000 words, preferably with 3 different pieces. Talk about a micro-sample! I understand totally why this was asked for, who wants to gather a committee and spend forever reading, but that sure had me sweating a little.

If you want to see pretty much what I submitted, check it out.

Attending is way awesome.

I also still have my NaNoWriMo group, but I tend to have living history practice at the same time as their meeting. Or be gone altogether out camping a la living history.

I just wanted to share the news, now that it’s all official and stuff. 😀 Super happy.

Your Dearest Nicolette



4 thoughts on “I joined a writing group :-)

    1. Thank you. I’ve been learning a lot just by sitting and listening–though I have read once, too. I find that if I pay attention to what is read and what is commented on after, I often find things which are applicable in my own writing. It’s really cool.

      1. Each person tends to focus on different things. So, when several agree on a part of the piece, that is advice you should look at seriously. be sure to let us know how this continues to work for you.

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