Hardest Final Words Ever

I finally finished the Virgin story. Sheesh, it didn’t want to be over. It wanted to dangle there in the oblivion of an unfinished tale, being the shadow of what might have been. This isn’t to say I didn’t know how to finish it or how I wanted everything to play out; I knew, and I had notes down for it.

What I mean is I would sit to write and something would come up. Sometimes it was dishes. Sometimes it was conversation. Sometimes it was me starting to write, and then going ‘nope, this isn’t it’, and starting again. In the back of my mind, I’ve had this little gnome drumming on my skull and saying, “Finish the stupid thing, woman!”

….aaaaand then I’d be all like “Ooooh, Pinterest has pretty pictures and my husband wants ideas of pretty things to get me….” Yeah. Complete and utter self-sabotage, about things which really don’t matter. Anyway, I told my husband today I wanted to go out to coffee to sit down and not have distractions like the computer and the house (cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, whatnot), and he took me window shopping. Then it got late and we finally ended up at a pub, where I attracted questions about what I was writing, and then the food came, and then we were back home and I’d only written one lousy paragraph all day. My husband called me grouchy. This is what happens when I don’t write for a while, yes. He banished me to the spare room, which sadly has no desk, (I would love to put one up there, though) so I wrote on the floor.

Anyway, I got my final scene done. Yaaaaaaaay. It’s about time!

Now I can focus on typing the Eve and Jonas Story and maybe do some time re-writing my NaNo novel. I’m trying to keep these things on a rotation to have everything in a different stage of development so I can have a steady publication flow.

I’ll TTYL. I need to plan a typing strategy.



2 thoughts on “Hardest Final Words Ever

  1. High-fives and well done, Sister! Hangin’ out with the hubs was a good thing too. You get an extra high-five for that.Gotta keep making deposits in that emotional bank account so as to balance out against those marathon-esque writing sessions 🙂 Contrats!

    1. I owe my hubbs a lot. Pretty certain if it wasn’t for him (he’s one of those “just-do-it” types) I would still be a closet writer. Or still in college, nearly failing chemistry. 😉 Really though, getting out for a walk in the city is neat. I can’t get over the cobblestone streets. People must think I’m a little crazy, I’m always staring at my feet or gawking everywhere. Leicester doesn’t have a huge tourist population, so I can’t blend in with those people! It’s pretty awesome here.

      And thanks!

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