70,0001 Validated Wordcount

Whew! I’m feeling better about pushing through this baby now. I’m on chapter 18 of 22. At this point I just want to slug through everything and be glad it’s over, you know?

And then do it all over again because it’s what I like to do. Am I a masochist or something? It sure seems like it, but then again, to create anything you have to go through a certain amount of pain, discomfort, or inconvenience. On occasion, you also go through a whole lot of frustration even when you actually know what you are doing but things won’t work out.

So, seventy thousand words. Yay…too bad it’s all crap, but oh well, that’s what another draft is for, right?

Realizing that I need to draw more drawings,





4 thoughts on “70,0001 Validated Wordcount

    1. I’ve still got apple and sweet potato pie in the fridge. Though I did run around celebrating with a mocha from my favorite shop. I can’t believe how the last week has whipped by! The hubbs had 2 major papers due for his Master’s degree, and we had Thanksgiving, so guess who gets to edit Anthropology and Archaeology theory papers? Talk about practicing copy-editing skills.

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