60k Today

And in a random burst of energy I ended up typing over 7,000 words today. Yesterday I typed between 5-6k, and the day before I had a big fat daily word count of zero. Today I’m going to keep this post fairly short, as my shoulders are aching from sitting here for so long.

I don’t know where I get these sudden bursts from. They sort of just happen. I’m hoping to keep my word count up around 3-4k a day, about the length I tend to make my chapters. I’m currently finished with chapter 14. Yesterday and today I finished up with 2 chapters each day, and I want to do at least a chapter a day so I can finish the novel this month.

Then next month I plan on doing a typed draft of an urban fantasy I have sitting and chilling in my binder. That one is in much better shape than anything I’ve done so far. This NaNo novel is in pretty decent shape, but it’s riddled with typos, possible timeline issues, and the need to check into the technology available in the setting.

It’ll be fun!

Oh, and my NaNo group? I’ll make it to the next meeting, I promise. Last Sunday I had a double-whammy: It was Mom’s birthday and I was modeling Viking attire for a History of Fashion charity show. I promise you I could not make that up.

Well, the husband wants my computer to watch Lord of the Rings. So, I’ll talk to you guys later!



4 thoughts on “60k Today

    1. Lol, thank you! Yeah, I’ve met the NaNo wordcount, but I won’t be totally happy until I’ve finished this draft. Looks like I’m 2/3 done and 2/3 through the month, so it’s going along well. Especially since the first third is the one that usually kills me.

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