44k Words, Another Challenge

Usually I find the 40k-50k stretch of words easy peasy. Not so much this time. I still force myself to type out 350 words each time I sit down, but I’ve found that lately my brain wants to do logical thinking and planning rather than scene building. Oh well. I fixed the bigger errors I have in my plot, laid everything out so it’s easier to comprehend. Now I just need to actually type it all out. 🙂

…it might also help if my hubbs stopped wanting the Big Screen to watch Netflix every evening. Haha, oh well.

I’ve been doing a lot of researching and reading into scene-making and novel-writing, and I’ve come across some interesting thoughts, but the one which struck me the most was written by Randy Ingermanson. My favorite two posts are: Writing the Perfect Scene, and How To Write a Novel. His site has some interesting commentary on the state of the publishing industry, on vanity, self, and traditional publishing, and a whole lot of information on everything related to writing. I would say I wished I found this years ago, but I don’t. It came at a time when I was able to comprehend and apply the concepts I like.

That’s all for tonight. I’ve spent much too long on my blog as it is.




2 thoughts on “44k Words, Another Challenge

  1. Nicolette:

    This year’s NaNo is turning out to be a bust for me. “Where there is life, there is hope”, they say, but they also say, “…read the writing on the wall” and I’m struggling at the back of the pack :-). Regardless, I’ll keep after the goal and participate to the grim and grinding end. I’m responding to your post with a rah-rah and a note of thanks for your efforts and for sharing your trials.

    Thanks ever so much for keeping after it. Your challenges remind me a lot of my own and have helped me view those that are not with perspective. Your grinding away at the key-board, hammering out the words, is seriously encouraging. It’s comforting to know there are others in the trenches who are fighting too and, unlike me this time around, are making headway. Keep on keepin’ on, Sis–back home on this side of the pond, I’m rooting for ya. Though I hazard to say that with 44k in the bag at the beginning of week three, you’ve got this one 🙂

    Thanks too for posting links to Randy Ingermanson’s “Advanced Fiction Writing” website. Wow! What a gold mine! I think I may have identified why I’m struggling so hard this time around with the first article I looked at! I look forward to exploring his site more when the NaNo (and Thanksgiving) is over.

    Your fellow scrivener,
    André Powell

    1. I’m glad you found Ingermanson’s link helpful! I’ve gone back multiple times to it.

      Probably the best thing anyone has ever told me, was that the only way to fail at writing was to stop. There was a time when I did, because I couldn’t write anymore. That was in the throes of grief and depression. It was horrible. Now, looking back on it, I can honestly say that all other obstacles I used to face, and those I face now, are nothing by comparison. I still have to deal with them, lol, even days when I don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer to do anything productive, but each difficulty overcome only makes the victory more sweet.

      Love your blog, by the way, don’t mind me coming and going in bursts. That’s just me.


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