Battle Roar: 25,550 Words

In reality I started this post with that many words. The count is actually higher now, but let me be honest: I like all the 5’s in that number and wish to keep the title like that.

Of course I want to give a little shout out of this accomplishment, but it is more than that. See, the truth is that I also need a little bit of a break from the story. I ended it on a turning point, and I’m not quite mentally prepared to launch into the next direction quite yet.  I’ve been practicing the reward system lately. Yesterday I allowed myself a candy bar for typing up what I’d written down. Yes, I know there’s that meme…let me go find it…

Here it is:

:-P   borrowed from here:
😛 borrowed from here:

Well, pooh. If I want to reward myself with food, then by golly I’m going to give in and do it. Who’s with me?!

Aside from this…My reward for 25,000 was a break and guilt-free internet access. And then I was going to go shopping for a couple of gifts. I have a friend in Utah who swoons over such British things like Jammie Dodgers, Smarties, Kindereggs, and David Tennant. Alas one of those things is beyond my reach. But the rest are within budget. I’m going to make up a sort of care package for my mother, whose birthday is later this month. I’ll end up spending more on shipping than on gifts, but eh, whatever.

So: This is my reward for 25k! I’ll leave you now so I may get on burning the rest of my weekly allowance.


Till next time,



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