So…new computer.

We’ve declared my laptop dead. The harddrive was still operational, though the frequency of the crashes rendered it with a registry error which was likely quite fixable—but still: old, well-used computer by now. We are quite tired of fixing it, and while we have guesses about what is wrong (motherboard or processor, ut more likely motherboard)  and by the time we possibly fixed it, well–we were two-thirds of the way to a new computer. So we just decided to buy new.

And this thing is sooooo nice. I can’t believe how great it is to finally be able to type without fretting about a crash which the computer may not recover from.  Of course the down side of a new computer is this: $$$. But like I mentioned, to repair my old computer until the next thing dies looks like this: $$.  My biggest downer about the computer itself though, was that the key next to the semicolon/colon key? The one with the comma on it? The shift function is the @ symbol. I’ve gone thousands of pages with it being the quotation sign. I just can’t work with the quotes above the number 2. I just…can’t! I discovered by accident that if I set up my computer to language: English (USA) that my keyboard functions like a USA keyboard. Huzza! Victory!

Now my issue is with Windows 8. My gut reaction was hate, even though I am familiar with a variety of interfaces and devices. But, I’m leaving it be for a while. I date my Windows knowledge all the way back to when you had to enter DOS mode to play games, man. I can do this Windows 8 schtuff.  At least until I understand how to run it. Then I can make it feel more like a Windows 7 model. Or just keep using 8. You know, whatever works best.

Happy day, I get to type again!

And, oh, I got a review of my CV done by a company who writes CVs. They told me it was “decently well written” and “clear and understandable”  (but, of course, could benefit so much from their services!) so, I don’t think that is too shabby of a start for the first CV I’ve ever had to write. It’ll get the job done. The End. Double huzza.

…oh I forgot to mention: I have over 40 handwritten sheets to type now to catch up with my 5 days when I couldn’t grab the hubby’s laptop. I’d say I’m on a bit of a roll. My husband told me that “England has done something” to me, and he seems pleased with that. So am I, and I’m glad he’s noticed.

With that thought, I’ll talk to you guys later!



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