To England!

For the last month solid, we’ve been packing for our Great Big Move. Just got done with a rather wicked week of cruel schedule, lots of stress, mental breakdowns by many people, and just utter craziness. But now that all ends, because we are going to be on the plane tomorrow afternoon. If all goes accordingly, then we will touch down in England around 6 pm local time on Wednesday. Then to view housing, sign off, unpack, buy a bed, get the hubbs registered in classes, and find me a job to supplement our FedLoans.

But first…shower! See you guys on the other side of the ocean.



4 thoughts on “To England!

    1. We are going to Leicestershire. The hubbs is going to University of Leicester for his Masters in Iron Age Archeology. It’s a one year program (programme, I suppose I should start writing) and we will see where he gets a Doctorate programme at, since he wants to be a university professor. Possibly looking at Durham? Shropshire is more up Northern England, right? Most of my spare time has been devoted to understanding housing terms, bus routes, and the streets that I haven’t looked at the rest of the country yet. So crazy! I’m at the Boise airport now, getting ready to start our 17 hour flight. Guess you could say I’m bored waiting for the plane. 🙂

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