Rebelling NaNo-ing

I just went rogue.

I’m using Camp NaNo for its word count calendar. When I first decided to do NaNoWriMo, I wondered why on earth anyone would do anything besides a straight-forward novel. I mean, that’s what the whole thing is about. Right?

Or is it about making you write?

This was the first time I set my project name to “Various Works”. And when asked for the genre, I decided to use the one category which they all included: Romance. I never thought of myself as a romance writer. But it would seem that I am, at the heart of things. It just isn’t right-smack-there-in-your-face. I might add in here that I love how Camp NaNo has “cabins” with other members in it. There’s no visiting forums, just a little facebook-like status thing that you can chat with your cabinmates in. In one of the many awesome emails the organization sends out, one of them mentioned being a Rebel. To be a Rebel, you set your own goal entirely. I should note that CAMP NaNo allows you to set your own word count goal, you don’t have to write 50k in a month. Does a successful month mean writing 30k words? or 80k? Or does it mean typing up that stack of papers which you would never get around to doing otherwise? 

In joining the Rebel Forces this month, I find that I have discovered several things about my writing. It’s pretty amazing to think about, once you open your mind to other ideas, how you caon expand so much upon your little world, and maybe find a small portion of yourself in the process.


2 thoughts on “Rebelling NaNo-ing

  1. Hey Nicolette,
    I’m there with you. It amazes me how much I ‘want to’ conform and then end up frustrated as the inner war between my right-brain urging me to do it “this way” and my left-brain gripping at me for “…coloring out of the lines…” rages. I once read that when Brandon Sanderson NaNo’s, he does not begin a new project but starts his count where ever he’s at in his current manuscript and goes on from there. It was a eureka moment for me. A lot of Nano-purests would call “shame-shame!” I call, “Brilliant!” besides I got enough guilt in my life as it is, I don’t need it in my writing life (such as it presently is) too. Long live the Rebellion!

    1. Oh, I know! The urge to conform is a big deal with me in particular. I’m uber-sensitive to fitting in. I could really see using NaNo for a novel currently under progress. For me, I tend to get hung up on beginnings (hence why I have the middle and end of a few novels but no start) so the very nature of NaNo helps me to get to the start of things. And I love your comment about having enough guilt in your life already. No kidding there. Rebel my fellow right-brainers! Rebel!

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