Experimenting with fonts for a signature and how FontSquirrel is my latest addiction

Yeah, it’s pretty simple thing, I know. I just visited Jessica Park‘s website and she’s got this snazzy, minimal banner and I’m rather drawn to it. It’s her name, in a cool font that displays personality without being obnoxious or obvious. So, I’m sitting here, feeling a little too “bleh” from a writing hangover and suffering from waking up with less-than-pleasant scenes in my head that shall be included in the conclusion of my tale, dinking around in Word playing with fonts and feeling, in general, like a teenaged girl drawing her name+the surname of her recent crush.

…and I had a picture all ready to go and everything but WordPress is giving me an error message and saying “Nuh-UH!” so hmmm. Try again later, I guess.

Just a bunch of doodles with hearts and stuff
SOME of these I got off FontSquirrel, not sure which ones since I was just playing on my computer this morning and not being serious

Part of my point with this is that some  of these fonts on display were quite legally gotten from FontSquirrel, self-described as a Free Font Utopia, for those of us who want quality and be able to use them in a commercial sense without wondering if we should. I thought I had at least one more similar site, but apparently I do not care about it, since I do not have it bookmarked.

I think my personal favorite is Goudy Bookletter 1911. I love the classic way that the bookletter family is kerned so each character fits snugly next to each other without spaces. Notice how Sylfaen has uneven spacing within the words? Or, it appears to? The “o” and “l” look farther apart than the preceeding letters, same with the apparent distance between the “n” and “k”. Rothenburg also has neat kerning, but…it takes a special touch to make that font look like it isn’t wearing a ball gown to Starbucks. In truth, several of these things fit together neatly. It’s just my slightly nostalgic personality coming through with Goudy Bookletter, so expect a couple of changes with this in mind.

Give it a whirl, and have fun today!



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