Radio Silence

Sorry, you guys. I’m terrible at keeping up with my blog. I know I am. I went sort of manic-crazy on sorting and packing up the books and living room stuff. Do you know how painful it is to get rid of most of your books? Yeah. It’s tragic. But most of them I won’t truly miss. But I loooooove my booooooks. There’s so many of them, it doesn’t make sense to keep them all. Not when we’re moving overseas and I won’t see them for a year, or the ones I do see I will have to pay shipping costs on. Seriously. It took me a solid 24 hours to sort, pack, and move the books into their respective places.

Last week was taking care of baby projects and throwing a shower for one of my bestest friends ever. There’s a lot of work that goes into a shower, particularly when those you were counting on helping you proved to be unwilling to help and you have to resort to help from 8-month pregnant ladies who you didn’t want to call on.  But it was good.

I told myself I needed to go through the bathroom today, since that is a tiny room and it would take me all of a couple hours max to go through. But instead I got started on writing.

Here’s one thing no one tells you about the creative mind: It is not only inconvenient in its timing, but it needs proper nourishment and grooming. And what that means depends on you. In my case, the nourishment comes from having a non-writing, physical project that is both logical and creative. Something like a sewing project, figuring out a new tea recipe, or sometimes drawing/painting. I know my recent bout of typing has come about because I just sewed 3 baby blankets, 2 carseat covers, and a teal dress. Creativity both gives and burns energy. It is exhausting, but only mentally. The high that creativity gives you must be disposed of in some way or another, and doing brainless tasks just doesn’t take away the creative energy in a way that allows you to sleep at night. Or you know, in the morning, in my case.

Now, about grooming the creativity. Think about creativity like…a woman’s long hair. In its natural state, it does all sorts of miraculous and crazy things. (with a few exceptions, but we won’t go into those) You often don’t get one idea at a time. It’s this instant stream of thoughts and ideas that all hit at once, and before you can do anything constructive with it, you need to straighten out which strands belong to where, and then pick a goal. How do you want this creativity to form? Which project will it be? What does it look like, where is it going to go? In real life, hair can be twisted into a bun, it can be curled, pulled back into a ponytail, straightened, backcombed, fluffed, permed, about anything. Creativity is like that. And you need to set a goal, even if your only plan is “I want something curly and out of my face”, that’s eliminated a lot of confusion already. But you have to learn how to do this to your mind. That means putting aside all your logical urges in the real world and using that logic to sort out your imaginary world. That means embracing logic to make it work in your imagination. It means you can’t wonder about the dishes in the sink…or, you know, the bowl and spoon and smudgy tumbler and half-drank wine glass for some reason filled with coffee next to your desk. …not that I’m admitting to that highly detailed description or anything. It’s to my left. On the wood pellet stove which I’m not using right now. Which would not be good should I accidentally knock ice cubes into the pellet hopper….ahem. Yes, try to avoid logical thoughts like this. It distracts from the writing process.

And basically the main reason I’m writing is because I feel guilty that my last post was on May 22nd, and it is now mid June. And because I’m balking a little at changing scenes, because the Verdant Wildwoods is going to be intense.

Well….I should get back to the Wildwoods. Because the quicker I plough through this manuscript, the better. I want to get it roughly done by the time my husband shows up, in like…6 days. Because I want to pay attention to him and not be distracted by my story.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a brief look into the bad hair day that is my head.

See ya later!



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