It’s the small victories

Today I made a list of writing prompts. Those count as writing. I hope. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I sort of had my eyes on making sure the weight lifting classes were doing their exercises more or less right and certainly safely. (I’m speaking to you, Mr. Anonymous “I can bench 300 with no spotter” brainchild) The rest of the day so far was spent helping the hubbs organize stuff for him to go to work, and organizing the house so one person can manage.

The writing prompts have sort of developed into lessons, so I’m pretty excited about that. These are listed by day. I may alter their order later.

  1. Describe an unusual beach (Setting)
  2. Take the reader on a walk with the dogs (Scene/Basic Motion) *Take notes for sensory details*
  3. Do a story (one character, plot) with thoughts only. So some psychological all-in-your-head thing.
  4. Days 4-8 will be a series on the basic Man Versus ____ plots. Day 4 will be Man vs Nature.
  5. Man vs Himself
  6. Man vs Machine
  7. Man vs Man
  8. Man vs Society or maybe scramble up the order. Here I have a note that I should not use skills I haven’t practiced yet. No dialogue, for example.
  9. Voices in the Dark (or, Intro to Dialogue)
  10. Nightmare at 3 a.m. (Combing setting, scene, motion, dialogue, introduce the Man vs Supernatural device)
  11. Describe a tiny miracle (sensory detail fine-tuning)
  12. Have a conversation with two opposite people: one very expressive, one reserved. (Character exploration, dialogue, expressions, and sensory details)
  13. A Grimm’s Fairytale type story (Basic “lesson” plot)
  14. Speed dating (a study of various personalities and expressions)
  15. Playscript (a study of plot and how dialogue by itself pushes it forward)

…aaaand so far nothing else.  Also: as of right now, it clearly could use some restructuring. That’s OK. I’ll update this post as I get more daily prompts/lessons, and as I better think how to organize them.

For now, sorry folks, but I’ve got to get my butt to bed. This snotty-nose isn’t going to go away by staying up late.

Till tomorrow,



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