I didn’t die, (or decide to go onto other things) I promise

But my computer did. Twice.

Remember ages ago, when I was having hard drive issues and so I bought a replacement solid state disc? And then had a heck of a time getting my software reinstalled?

Well, that new drive met its demise in December. One day the computer wouldn’t start. And that was that–we tried to plug the hard drive into other computers, and they didn’t detect that it existed. Which meant that it had died, officially.

Of course, it took the better part of December to hunt down my techy family and have them help me. Then January was about sending and receiving a new drive. To be honest, once we got our drive in the mail the company sent one right back.

Then the saga continues–with failure to install Windows. We thought it was the disc, then the cd drive, then maybe this or that. Someone brought a genuine Windows disc, one that is confirmed to really definitely work.

And they also brought a second hard drive.

Guess what?

The replacement hard drive I got from the company was dead on arrival.



I was expecting a refurbished drive, and I have no problem accepting and happily using one, but for crying out loud:

Make sure the drive works before sending it out to a customer whose product has already failed them!

And the topping on the cake? This family member who gave me his “I replaced it with a better one” drive actually works for the company who made the drive (and was responsible for the replacement) in the first place. And no, I didn’t know his employment place when I bought the drive. So my family member isn’t too pleased with his own company.

So for now, I’m using the given-by-family-member drive (since the replacement drive is inoperable) with the plans of duplicating the files for the replacement-replacement drive when it comes.

Happily, I did learn a lot about plotting out points and doing writing planning the “old fashioned way”, so it wasn’t a total loss of 2+ months, but ouch. This has been a rough season.

Kindly reminding you to back up your files more often than I do,

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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