Playing with Book Covers in Photoshop

So a few days ago, I was the zombie from work. You know…the “leave for work at 4:30 on Sunday, come home to sleep, wake up, slop food into dogs bowls, go back to work, come home at 7:30 Monday” zombie. And I decided to spend the hazy, food-sleep-water-deprived state staring at my computer and playing with Photoshop and my cell phone camera.

The results? Well, I’m sort of tickled by them, but I need to research my font choices. Odds are, I’ll have to make new selections along similar lines so I don’t step on any copyright toes, but what the hey. And I need to take a better picture of the flower. Need better resolution.  And The King’s Mutt isn’t changed from the old one, as the lineup was originally a comparison to show progress. And I need to rob TKM files off of my old hard drive so I can work on the typography. But anywho. These work for now as concept ideas. Thoughts?

Book covers for Feral Magic, The King's Mutt, and Into the Fog

Also, I’m debating if I want to do Swift Magic or Into the Fog as a NaNoWriMo novella. I really want to get Swift Magic done, so I’m leaning towards that. I’ve got a scattershot of ideas, and it’s hard to glump them in a working book. Into the Fog is just for kicks.

So, till later!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


4 thoughts on “Playing with Book Covers in Photoshop

  1. These colors look really cool! I have yet to figure out photoshop but the things I can do with Microsoft Word and Paint would really shock you! LOL I recently added GIMP into that so I’m like MacGyver with this kind of stuff. I found this interesting thing on pinterest once about how to mix fonts: thick with thin, plain with ornate, etc. I of course cannot find it, but I did find this that might help you:

    1. Sweetness! I love gathering information and swapping ideas. Lol, I’ll bet you could shock me with what you can do in Word and Paint! The funny thing is, I own 2 Adobe suites, but I’m too cheap to buy Microsoft products. I use Open Office (the husband just installed Libre Office, so I guess I’m using that now) to write and stuff. But I did use GIMP a little bit, just to learn it and have fun. I’ll need to re-install it. Bleh, I hate changing hard drives! All the little files that you need to not leave behind.

      Anyways, thanks for the link! I’m skimming over it now (sheesh, it’s 9:30pm and I’m tired. How am I going to stay awake till 2 am to make it home tomorrow night?) and I’ll devour it more later. Maybe I’ll scour pinterest and see if I can find that pin, too. My friends are big into typography.

      1. Yeah, there are so many things on Pinterest that it seems everything gets lost.
        I actually use Word because I’m so used to it and my universities have always provided it free. I do have my novel in Scrivener though, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s about $40 but well worth the money.

      2. I’ve heard about Scrivener, but never tried it or really looked into it. To be honest I assumed it was one of those $100+ programs and dismissed the idea. Good to know it is actually affordable!
        And, my university didn’t provide Word. They wanted us to buy it.
        And I just decided to add typography to my “writing” board on pinterest. I love that site. It’s like organized virtual hoarding where you don’t have to buy anything.

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