Gah! Beginnings are so horrid!

Some people are awesome beginners. Flash *bang* zippideedooda and they’re out the gate, racing down the track at breakneck speeds!

Now, when I start writing, it’s kind of like starting my ’74 Vdub Superbeetle in 95-degree heat. Sometimes it sputters a little and starts. Other times, it’s riproaring and ready to go. And other times…grind grind grind, release key, and dead. Give some more gas, try it again. And again. And maybe a fifth or sixth time before it decides to turn over and start purring, only to die once I shift it in gear. (The bug doesn’t like 90+ degree temperatures; can’t say that I blame it.)

Yeah, that’s how Swift Magic has been going. As per much advice, I am trying to have one editing project (The King’s Mutt) and one writing project (Swift Magic). It’s something about starting a new project that makes you better able to edit your last work. Feral Magic started up pretty strong—I did rewrite the beginning completely and utterly, but the fact is that I at least wrote it. Swift Magic has so far been like…oooh, I’m writing! Yay!…then a few days later, I think, Nah, that’s crap. Scrap it and never look back.

But I think today I have the image. The little video clip that I see in my head. And I’ve found the music to get me in the mood. Meet The Piano Guys! Well, one guy plays piano, the other various stringed instruments, which I believe are all variations on violins and cellos.

So, what’s your usual starting procedure? What do you do to find the one opening scene that is going to define your tale and carry you through to the end?



4 thoughts on “Gah! Beginnings are so horrid!

    1. I must be a strange writer. Beginnings and endings are tough for me…endings not as much as beginnings! Now, I have the middle of many a tale strewn about in notebooks throughout the house. Someone once likened the writing process to be like a cross-road trip: You start in a city, muddle through the country, then end in another city. I muddle through the city! Guess you can’t take the rural nature out of me. 😉 I’m just so fascinated by how everyone writes.

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