New Cover Sneak Peek for Feral Magic

Here’s a glimpse of the new artwork for Feral Magic. It’s oil on canvas with Damar medium. This is my first time using Damar, and I’m pleased with how it is working for me.


Please don’t judge the resolution of the pict, it was taken off my phone with wonky lighting, though I think it is turning out well.


The above is the thumbnail I made to start with. I’m waiting for paint to dry so I can do the stamens. They will be bright pink like below.



With the new cover I will also redo my synopsis, now that I’ve had a bit more practice with them. It’s all very exciting! I’m glad to be discovering a personal style, and I’m glad I’m identifying what sort of a customer relations person I am through my job.

Want to see the book cover that inspired me?

I can’t wait to see the new cover come together! I’ll have to play a lot to get the typography correct. Also playing with the idea of making the bottom flower glow. Will be a photoshop endeavor.

Hoping you fine readers have a wonderful day!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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