The King’s Mutt Sample Chapter 3

For those who are subscribed to me and not into The King’s Mutt, I just ask that you bear with me a few more times. My plan is to post all chapters, but I will only announce up to number 6. I am also planning on posting all chapters of Feral Magic as well, as the beginning chapters of that novel are rough and fairly slow-going. Unfortunately, I am still recovering from my hard drive failure. Yes, that silly little hitch is still a royal pain in my butt. The only good thing that came of it was that I now have an uber-fast computer, which makes working on it a joy.

And my work schedule has changed again, as my boss decided he wanted to take my shifts instead of working all hours of the day. I don’t blame him, but the new shifts he gave me require me to drive an hour during the heat of the day with a vapor-locking car (well, at 38 years old, it deserves to have a few quirks, I suppose). After barely getting to town during the waning heat of the day, I’ve decided I need to drive in early and chill at the local Barnes and Noble cafe until my shift starts. Yeah. That’s going to be a long day, but I don’t have much of another choice. On the plus side, I might actually get all of The King’s Mutt finished and start again on Swift Magic.

Anyhow. For now, enjoy Chapter Three! You’ll see some similarities with the original opening, but with a twist. I think it makes more sense this way. As always, I’m open minded about receiving comments when something doesn’t make sense. This isn’t the  final edited version, but it is darned close. Seeing my writing in a different context, with different formatting, helps me to see it with fresh eyes. I’m sure that anyone who writes would agree with me.

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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