The King’s Mutt Sample Chapter Two

The King’s Mutt has gone a long way from being a short story! And to think, it was all started as a writing exercise on this blog. As a reader, I was always curious about the writing process. What was normal?  Did those events always happen? What did the story look like before the editor took a pen to it? Would any author admit to there even being a previous version, much less show it to the public?

Well, you could say I’m bold enough to show my work in its undies. Perhaps it isn’t as satisfying as watching an artist paint, but I find it neat to see how style develops over time when I read various web comics. (Yes, I read them. Call me a nerd or just plain strange, but they’re so very addicting.) Sometimes, they will show the page in progress. I find it fascinating, and I’m sure the reason they don’t do it more often is because they just don’t have the time.

I’ve had the great fortune of watching a handful of Indie authors muddle through writing and learn about the publishing world and how to market. They’re in varying degrees of publication and writing, and it’s just amazing to be able to read their thoughts and be a part of a solid community of entrepreneurs who are bucking tradition and forging new trails.

Anyways. With that thought in mind, I’ll present to you The King’s Mutt Chapter Two.


Your Dearest Nicolette.


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