Yay for edits! The King’s Mutt Sample Chapter 1

I’m finally able to get editing work done! The boss man has me working 4 days instead of 6 now, so that leaves free time. (Wow….imagine the possibilities!)

So, these edits have technically been done for a while now, it’s just they were on yellow notebook paper, not somewhere useful such as on the computer. It involves a revamped/totally brand new opening set of chapters. They allow me to set up the world better and changes the relationship between characters into a more believable light. I’m feeling very good about it, and I think I’ve finally got a good balance between action and exposition. Future edits will most likely include touching up on imagery, but it’s a darned solid state right now.

I’m posting the sample chapters up under my page conveniently titled “Sample Chapters” beneath the link that says “The King’s Mutt”. But for ease of use, here’s a link.  It’ll be one chapter for every time I make a post saying, “Look, here’s a new chapter!” Sound fair to you all?

Glad to hear it!

Let’s get this thing going!

Your Dearest Nicolette


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