Twitter Me a #TwitTale

Hooray, I’m finally getting the hang of Twitter! I’ve got all of six tweets. And two followers. So-weet.

So, if you’re on Twitter, look me up @AirshipQueen. Why the name? I guess it’s what happens when you’re a little bit loopy, trying hard to think of something original, and in a bit of a rush to go catch some sleep. Sleep is a precious thing in this house.

But, yes! Other plans! I haven’t been able to do much writing (alas, I get done with work at 7, had to buy stuff, so I was home at 8:30, needed to dye my hair before we really get hit hard at the theatre, took puppy on walk while hair was processing, just got the cat inside and my hair dried, and it’s time to sleep already.) However, I have a solid hour and a half each day to think about how I want to start Swift Magic. I modified my original idea to one that does not include a scene change and pulls the antagonist into the story right from the get-go. This antagonist is going to be hard, because his character is going to undergo a dramatic change over the course of the book. Additionally, I need a distraction antagonist so there’s a good level of tension from the very start. I really need to develop my distraction antagonist more, but that will come with time.

I know, you’re all thinking: Stop talking about writing and just write, dumb-wit.

Phoo. I know, I know. But the theatre is opening June 25th at Midnight o’ One, technically we need to be there on Thursday night, and we just had our first day of training today. I think I have Wednesday off? and Sunday, I know that one for sure.

Oh, ADHD time! Sorry, I don’t want to spend too much time on a post right now, but I was thinking about starting an event on Twitter. It’ll be a story you tell within 160 characters, probably even fewer than that to allow for the hashtag. It’s a micro-tale, a #TwitTale, something so condensed that you as a writer do not have time for unnecessary words. Think of this as an essence oil.  What really happens in your story?

Can you tell a story in 160 characters?

Let me give it a shot:

They woke her Mam.
She said,”I’m ruined! Marry me!”
Her Mammy strode upstairs.
He straddled the window.”A wife I have already.”

The only thing is, your story is actually 151 characters due to the hashtag. Good practice on making every letter count, though. You guys interested in rising to the #TwitTale challenge? Got suggestions? Also, you don’t have to do Twitter to do the challenge. Just make it 160 characters or less. You can blog it and drop it to me in a comment.

Bedtime now. Way past bedtime. See what you made me do? Yeah. You made me write. Shame on you.

Keep writing, drop me a note here or TwitterLand, and maybe you can do a TwitTale while you’re at it.

Your Dearest Nicolette.

PS, I thought this page went live ages ago! I can’t believe it did not. Whatever, it’s up now.


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