Income is great for business!

I have been out of college for one year to the day, and I just accepted a job offer as an assistant manager of a new Cinema 13 going into the town about an hour’s drive away.
For those who have been following me for a while, you know how I have struggled financially; in truth, I probably would not have started to write Feral Magic and proceed to start Standal Publications without the hope of receiving some sort of revenue. This blog would also not be in existence. And due to my writing and publishing, I have discovered a great deal about myself and have learned a new level of confidence. But, being unemployed has also damaged my writing–for example, just buying groceries was a strain, much less hiring an editor or buying ISBN numbers. (And, no, the hubbs and I did not/do not qualify for unemployment benefits due to my previous status as a student and his as a temp worker.)
So, the first thing that will be purchased will be ISBN numbers. I’ve been saving up for them, which helps, too.
What does this mean for my writing?
Well, let us see:

        1-Feral Magic will be available in paperback.
        2-The King’s Mutt will be available in Kindle (was going to happen last week, but my computer died, costing more money to fix).
        3-The King’s Mutt will be available in paperback.
        4-Posting schedule is to be determined. It is possible that there will be nights that I’m so jazzed up on the latest cool movie that I simply have to write to get it out of my system. This is actually why I rarely watch movies, in truth, I get too creative after seeing a good one and I can’t rest until I’m through writing…that actually makes my new job a good thing, doesn’t it?
        5-I will try to not write movie reviews, unless requested. However, I may use them as examples in my arguments.
        6- A copy editor may be in my future.

That’s what is coming to my mind at present. Obviously I will have more details worked out once I have more details. For now, much of my writing is limited because I put my Adobe CS5 disc in a “safe place” and I need to find said safe place now. But I’ve got a plan for a gorgeous layout and design for the paperback novels, and I can’t wait to make a post about my experience buying ISBNs!

Gotta go, paperwork is waiting for me.

Keep your chin up!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


4 thoughts on “Income is great for business!

    1. I’m pretty excited about it. Though if work takes up over a third of my time, sleep a quarter, and writing/pets a quarter, that means my house is going to be a mess. Lol, oh well.

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