I second everything Joann says here. Pirating ebooks is a stinky thing to do. But it’s a fact of life in the computer age, and in truth it only takes even a novice a few minutes to figure out how to do it. I still say that if you can’t stand the thought of your book being pirated, don’t do an ebook. Stay paperback. Otherwise it’s like moving to the boonies and hating the country. Just don’t do it.

With that cheery thought, read on!!

Joanne Phillips

My original title for this post was: Ebooks – Free or not be… free. OK, I’ve been reading a bit too much Shakespeare lately.

This post was instigated by an innocent comment from a friend who recently acquired a Kobo. Surprised at the price of ebooks, her husband told her not to worry: he could find any book she wanted and download it for free.

Free! I cried. But how will the author get paid? You see, we’re not talking about ebooks whose authors have made them available on Kindle or Smashwords for free, as part of a publicity or marketing campaign. We’re talking about brand new, bestselling titles being offered by certain websites – illegally – for free download.

Of course, this is nothing new. It’s been happening in the music and gaming industries for years. This does not make it OK. When I was drafting this post, I…

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