Getting back into the swing of things

I’m writing again! Yes! Or I will be, as soon as I diagnose my computer. It wouldn’t boot yesterday except once. And I made a backup. Those take FOR-EVER, by the way. Determined my hard disk is a-ok. Good. But now, is it a registry issue? Or a case of Windows needing to be reinstalled? (They didn’t give me a Windows install disk when I bought the laptop. So mad.)

But, something else happened, too. A fan found me on G+. I’m so stoked about that! So, I’m back to writing the Swift Codex again. Just got my first handwritten page done. Determined the theme. The antagonist is going to be about lust, but I don’t think it is only going to be in the sense of physical attraction. I saw a meme on the net some time ago about how as a child you learn the bad guy because he looks ugly and wears a cape, but in real life the bad guy is very likeable, attractive, and makes you laugh. Just to let you get a flavor for my antagonist.

But, word of warning: Learn from my mistake. If a file is important to you, send it to your email or the cloud as soon as you save it!

That is all. My guru techie brother is here to save the day.

Dearest Nicolette.


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