Family Emergency

The Kings Mutt won’t have much progress done on it for at least a few days. My mother went in for a pretty common surgery, though I don’t want to say much about it. I’m going to be helping out by taking care of meals for the men folk and figuring out a good dirty for her for the next couple of weeks. On the plus side, I think I’ll open up a new blog for this time, one that deals with the nutritional requirements and suggested recipes for someone who has gone through surgery. There isn’t very much info on this, and what I’ve gathered had come from talking to others who had the surgery, one squidoo lens, and a lot of crappy doctor generalizations. Basic plan is to put recipes on this new bog, and also put the recipes together for a short ebook, should anyone be saved the hassle I went through and want to help me out in return.

I have a nurse cousin, and a phlebotomist cousin, and a nearly nurse friend who can double check ingredients to make sure I don’t overlook anything.

The short is, I’m going to keep writing, but it wont be on my fiction works. My focus is elsewhere right now. Hoping to resume TKM soon as I can.


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