The 38 Most Common Writing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)


I wish I were so clever as to write this list! But, no, this is a bit of a book review. This is by Jack M. Bickham. I bought it several years ago, read it through a few times, and am reading portions of it again to help with The King’s Mutt edits.

As I’m writing this from my phone, I’ll keep my post quick.

I like this book. I’m glad I got it. I would buy it again. I think it should have been required reading in my creative writing class.

As I can’t provide the list because that would be wrong, I will tease you with the ones I highlighted to read.

5. Don’t Warm Up Your Engines
9. Don’t Duck Trouble
22. Don’t Ignore Scene Structure
34. Don’t Waste Plot Ideas
35. Don’t Stop Too Soon
36. Don’t Prejudice Your Editor

OK  the last one I’m curious to read what he has to say. It’s not because I have issues with editors. But the others…yeah, I’m quite curious.

Most of these I’m interested in for the last quarter of TKM.  I find middles easy to write, but the start and the end, not so much. I think I’m in the minority there.

Specifically, I want to know in 35 what his 12 step revision plan is.

Anyone else read this yet? Have I made you Google the book yet? Good luck, and keep writing!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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