Just editing


My blog has been more quiet now that I’ve been really buckling under and doing edits. During classes, I would always find more to change than anyone else. Actually, these random pages are light edits. I usually have much more pen marks, and the other pages do.

The first thing I do is eliminate adjectives. Then I look for repetition, too much information, not enough information, confusing sentences, pacing checks, irrelevant information, checking that characters make sense, and looking for plot holes. There’s really more that I check for, too, but this is the start.
The final chapters will go into their own documents. I’m going to see if that helps with the page break problems I’ve been having with the EPUB format trials.
Later, I’m going to talk about a POD printer that Barnes and Noble will accept. I’m excited to try it. I’m sure the local bookstore would set up an author signing, seeing how I grew up in the area. Not sure if I’m ready to go that far, though! I get nervous all too easily.
Back to editing. I’m procrastinating now.
Your Dearest Nicolette.


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