The King’s Mutt Now Has a Cover

 The King's Mutt by Nicolette Jinks
Coming soon!

Bet none of you thought it would turn out like this! That’s the funny thing about art. It starts off so terrible, then clicks together.

I’ll probably go in and correct the bridle a little later. But the truth is, I’ve spent 10 hours yesterday and 7 hours today doing this, and I’m ready to break away from the computer for a while. I think I’ve earned it. The cover is miles better than my first attempt at doing Feral Magic, so I’m very pleased with my developing skills as a cover artist. Most often, I encourage writers to seek out artists to do this sort of thing, but in my case…well, I have a software suite that retails over $3k, a very nice Wacom Intuos tablet, a pricey gaming computer, and art history that goes back ten years. My bet is that most Indie authors don’t have all that. So…yeah. I’m going to muse about it being pretty before I put it to the mirror image and do fine tuning on it.

If that’s fine with you, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine now…

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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