Officially DBA Standal Publications

I’m feeling pretty good. I just got a bank account for Standal Publications, complete with a few checks, a business card, and a little bit in the bank.


It makes me feel like I can take myself seriously again. Like writing isn’t a hobby, it’s a business. It really makes me want to write more books. And that is good, because I want to have lots of titles for people to select from. Part of the reason I have a DBA is because I’m planning to write across genres, using multiple pennames, and this makes “the books” easier.

And I’m double-excited because I finally got the main room all finished up and it looks goooood! I put my writing desk next to the pellet stove, where I naturally am inclined to be, and it is working out already! I also made myself a cork board to organize my notes and papers on. And I moved the seating area by the stairs, and got a dining table by the windows, and there’s still plenty of space for the pets to race around the house. I know, this is tangentially writing-related, but I’m so stoked to finally have my life in order and be able to write without spending hours sighing at the mess and hunched over in a chair.

A while back, Madison Woods posted this post about writerly spaces. I didn’t post mine at the time because…well, I was embarrassed. What a sty.  But now it’s pretty and show-off-able.

Viola! Writing desk is pretty.

You’ll notice I’m actually working on this post. #AmProcrastinating. Oh well. Procrastination time is over. Gotta get cracking on The King’s Mutt.

Till later, fellow writerly procrastinators.

Your Dearest Nicolette.


6 thoughts on “Officially DBA Standal Publications

  1. I love your tidied up space, especially the wood heater right next to it! It’s so hard for me to write when I’m cold. Thanks for remembering to post your writerly space 🙂

    1. Of course! I love the Tuesday posts you do. I’m usually too caught up in the morning routine to hit “like”, but still. I’d “love” them if I could.
      And I had to wait till the husband was gone before I could invade the premium real estate next to our only source of heat. Lol, nothing he can do about it now.

      1. OMG that’s great, love the way you strategize 😉

        Lately, my Tuesday posts have been spotlights for other people. I think I started doing that since the ‘Writerly Spaces’ post. Most of the fun these days are on Thursdays, I think with our pitch slams. Join us when you can 🙂

      2. Yep, I was going to re-post one of your recent Tuesdays. I love sharing writing advice. I’m so glad I can finally stop spending time on my house and start burning time on the blogosphere. Effective way to use my time, right? 😉
        And I’ll have to stop by and join you! Thanks for the invite.

  2. Hi Nicolette,
    Love your writing space – it looks very productive. You’ve inspired me to tidy mine up a bit and post a photo myself 🙂
    And thanks for telling me about Madison, I’m heading over there now too x

    1. Thanks Jo! It’s taken some thought, and I’m going to put in some “cubbie” shelves against the wall to hold books and stuff.
      And Madison is great. She does something called FridayFictioneers, a flash fiction group who write a 100 word-ish story based on a photo she gives on Wednesday. It’s a lot of fun, but I’ve only done one so far before life caught up with me. Hoping to do more now. Also you NEED to check out her Tuesday spotlights, they’re guest posts.

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