7 Steps to Finding Your Writing “Zone”

Writing is work. It is a mixture of creativity, sweat, and mechanics. Before you can write—much less, write effectively—you’ve got to get in the “zone”. I think of it as most people’s “happy place”, but it’s a little different. It’s a story-place, and as writers, we have several story-places. The problem is finding your way back to the same story-place long enough to see the tale through.

Many things can distract you from the proper trail, including:

  • People and/or pets
  • Responsibilities
  • Traumas
  • New ideas and story-places

You must first work through these distractions. Pet the cat. Do the dishes. Wash the car. Make dinner. Put those new ideas in the queue.

So, how do you find your zone when you’ve lost it?

  1. Decide where you want to go. What story will you be working on? What do you want to get accomplished today?
  2. Is that goal practical? Be honest. Amend goal if needed.
  3. Close all social media tabs on the computer. Turn off the internet if needed.
  4. Open your word processor. This is vital.
  5. Turn on your music, to a mood that fits what you’re doing. Do not make a new playlist. You are procrastinating.
  6. Imagine your story’s setting. See the characters. Put them back in position, listen to their most recent conversation, their moods, their quirks. What is driving them right now?
  7. Start making those fingers fly.

These can be the most difficult steps to accomplish. But take heart, fill your mind with your story-place, and let it flow.

Here’s hoping that this post comes at a time that you need it!

Your Dearest Nicolette


4 thoughts on “7 Steps to Finding Your Writing “Zone”

    1. This is much harder than it sounds. It’s why so many people can’t do it! It’s why even seasoned authors end up dinking around with Word’s settings and fonts instead of writing. It IS simple to do, but being simple doesn’t make it easy.

      And glad that you enjoyed it!

  1. Hi Nicolette,
    Yes, the simple-versus-easy dilemma! Many simple things are not easy at all, and knuckling down is definitely one of them. My difficulty is turning off my email – I have no problem ignoring the phone, but email and texts are another matter…
    Must work harder on this. Like now – I’m meant to be writing but what am I doing? Reading your blog… 🙂

    1. No kidding! I’m a terrible blog-reading procrastinator, too. Sometimes, I even procrastinate by writing posts! Oh, the horror!

      And, goodness, simple does not mean easy! I’ve had an impossible time getting past the distractions lately…but they’re almost all through! Moving, housework, cleaning, remodeling, writing, and pets makes for a very busy day.

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