Busy Babysitting a Farm… Warning: Antagonists may be involved

Sorry for the utter lack of updates, I’ve been watching over a farm. Two to three times a day, I have taken care of many, many animals. Some came down ill, and I honestly expected it would be worse than it was. There was no need for treatment, thank goodness, but they did need extra tender, loving care, as well as a restricted diet. While I would love to use this as part of a story, I cannot. See, there have been animal rights people trespassing on local farms, harassing farmers, and even mass murdering the animals. They think it is OK to kill them because “the animals are going to die anyway”. That is the ultimate fate of anything with a pulse, yes, but the animals they killed were going to live long,  fruitful lives.

I was just thinking today about antagonists and how carefully we writers craft them to be believable, then I think about real life antagonists, who they are, and why they do what they do. I came to the conclusion that antagonists are even more romanticized than the protagonists. A hero can make stupid mistakes, do dumb things, and even fumble his way to victory. But a villainess must make sense, must have a justifiable reason for doing what she’s doing.  Even in crime shows that are supposed to make you ponder, you never see someone doing exactly what they are against, but think that it’s  fine because they are the ones doing it.  I think it’s time for the villain to undergo a makeover.

Anyway, the larger point I meant to make earlier in the post was this: be careful what you write about, because what you say can be misinterpreted and taken out of context and used against you…as well as causing trouble for people you rather like. It’s not copyright infringement, it’s worse.

With those cheery thoughts, enjoy your day!



One thought on “Busy Babysitting a Farm… Warning: Antagonists may be involved

  1. Interestig you posted this. I had completed a post for this week based on a critique I recently received. I decided not to post it because the person involved might have reacted negatively to my comments, even though I respect her opinion and took many of her comments to heart to improve my story. We need to carefully measure our words.

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