Feral Magic is Now Free Until the 21st

I decided to use my promotional days at Amazon. Today was the first day, and I got caught up in St Patty’s Day cooking, fun, and drinks, and reading FridayFictioneers, so I spaced this post. Oh well.

Feral Magic usually sells for $2.99, but it is FREE for the next few more days. I looked up the stats, and it’s currently ranked #54 #51 #44 #32 #20 on the Fantasy list. So stoked! It’s so awesome to see!

Edit: Recent stats. 🙂


I just thought that my faithful followers would appreciate knowing. And I can’t help that I’m excited. When I’m feeling in the gutter, I do my very best to exude a positive, cheery attitude no matter the situation. Now that the situation is happy…well. I’m thrilled.

Oh, gosh. At least until one or more of those people decide to do a book review. Hope that the first reviewer doesn’t hate the book and decide to maul me. Not that it matters, really. I mean, I’m not going to be booted out of house over a bad review. Nor will I lose my job. If I had a job, that is. Ahh, there’s something to be said about living in the moment and being happy about what you can, then not concerning yourself with things you can’t control.

Love you guys! You’re awesome!

Till later, my Dearest Readers!



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