New, Improved Cover Art

Making better artwork has been on my to-do list for quite some time, as you all know. I finally got around to it, now that I have worked out of a job (for now) and it was rainy today, so I thought I would make the most of it today. Now, I wish I were some brilliant person who knows how to do everything right the first time, but I’m not. I’m figuring stuff out, and I’m glad for it. I actually got two covers done: one for my ebook and one for a POD print press (

First, the final results:

Feral Magic Cover
Feral Magic Cover Art

Before you make any comments on the lopsided letters or ask what font the title is in, know that it is calligraphy; I’ve got an affection for it, but a tendency towards imperfection. Eventual plan involves writing the major and minuscule letters, then importing them into Photoshop or Illustrator for future use.

I pulled from a few sources for inspiration:

So yeah…this was a combination of a few techniques. I really enjoyed the grungy thriller book cover tut, but instead of using the paper texture that he linked to download on, I instead used Photoshop’s granite pattern, blowing up one square to fit the document, then setting it to Overlay. Granite works awesome as a grunge paper substitute for texture purposes, fyi. I’m way concerned about misusing something (anything—a font, a texture, a brush) and getting in copyright problems, but the stock photoshop stuff is free game.

Having said that, this would have taken a couple less hours had I not had to make a damask photoshop pattern. Yes, it was fun. Yes, I’ve been longing to do one forever. And yes, it was terribly finicky. But way fun. And yes, I spent pretty much all day, afternoon, and evening on this project. But it is done. And I am happy with the result. Though in another three months, I will probably re-do this whole thing all over again. And that’s OK. 🙂

As a heads-up, I’m going to put Feral Magic up for free sometime very soon. As in, within a couple of days. Just cuz I’m that awesome. …no, really, it’s because I have like 10 days to use my 5 free days, even though I’ve had 90 days to use them. No, I’m not a procrastinator at times…I just get sucked into life and stuff…


So, free book within a few day’s time. I will post links, but any spreading of the word would help. Since I finally got the cover art updated, I’ll finally be contacting all these other lovely blogs who help people find cheap ebooks. Looking forward to that. 🙂

Well, my Dearest Readers, I think that is all for tonight. I have to go let my brain sleep for a while. Tomorrow, I’m writing The Showdown for The King’s Mutt. Hopefully going to do some edits to sections I haven’t yet posted. I’m about 4 or 5 sections ahead of my posts, and that is because I knew I was going to do fidgets with the timeline and events, and I wanted to at least make it seem like I had half a clue what I was doing. 😉 You know, how we writers can be so particular at times.

Tomorrow, it’s either The King’s Mutt showdown, or I showdown some weeds with the new shovel my father bought and sharpened for me. Hyah! Take that, Canadian Thistles! And you, too, Mullein!

Have a day as amusing as mine was!

Your Dearest Nicolette

And, if there is a call for it, I will do a tutorial on Photoshop, but I don’t think that should be much of an issue considering that I’ve provided my references up front here, though I did do a lot of variations and changes.


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